Royal Arrival

The cost effective status symbol is back with a bang. The all new Chrysler 300C is a masterclass in itself. Customize it a bit, and you have a Rolls-Royce lookalike. However, this new version stands out on its own too. The jewel lamps and the wide Aston Martin style Chrysler wing badge give it a stately look from the rear. The interior too matches up to its contemporaries such as the Audi A6 and the BMW 5 series. The black wooden trim along with the plush black leather seats are certainly a classy match. The wide body and bulging wheel arches along with the large front grille give it an imposing presence on road. Moreover, the gigantic 5.7 litre Hemi V8 engine provides more than enough power to the AWD drivetrain.

Apart from this, the centre console is well laid out with an amazing GPS system and the speedometer looks elegant with blue ambient lighting. The leather, wood and other materials used feel upmarket and transport you to a totally new world once once you enter the car.
Overall, I think Chrysler has set its sights very high this time and if you had decided on buying a BMW or an Audi, take a look at this car before you finalise, and with the Dh147K pricetag, I don’t think you would need much persuasion to buy it.


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