Old Not So Gold?

I recently visited an informal car meet in Dubai and looked on in awe at the assembly of cars there. However, there were two in particular that stood out. One was a 1924 Ford and the other was a hot rod with an exposed engine.

Now, one may spend hours just admiring these two classic works of automotive excellence, but does that guarantee these cars legality on the roads? Just imagine the state of either of these cars should they have the misfortune of being part of an accident. Moreover, the Ford ran on wooden wheels! In the event of a crash, imagine splinters of wood flying around in the air or the engine of the hot rod flying out of its frugal chassis and landing on someone’s head! These things must be seriously considered by the authorities before granting them road-legal status, albeit with a classic registration plate.

Beauty is good but safety must be our foremost priority.



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