McLaren Redemption

McLaren, a name to reckon with. I recently decided to do some research regarding the history of this great British marquee from the time of its founding by Bruce McLaren to its present state. Interestingly, McLaren has independently made just three road cars, the M6GT, the legendary McLaren F1 and the new MP4-12C. The M6GT harks back to the old days of swooping lines with a monocoque chassis and light aluminum parts which resulted in a 725kg road legal race car. Tragedy befell the company in 1970, and it was only after a 22 year hiatus that it produced another road car. During this time though, the McLaren designers perfected their brainchild and the F1 was born. The McLaren F1 was known for quirkiness. It featured a central driving position and two passenger seat on either side, to make it a 3-seater. The first XP model, unveiled in 1992, was an attention hogger and it was the precursor for many revamped versions of the F1 which earned it the moniker “The World’s Greatest Supercar”. It was really no surprise when many Le Mans records were credited to this automotive wonder.

The present MP4-12C resembles the F1 in design, though it has its very own identity. Although not as great as the F1, this 2-seat coupe with just 1300 kg on it, certainly grabs our imagination. 0 to 200 km/h takes just 8.9 seconds and it is certain to take you to around 320 km/h, so it wouldn’t be cheeky to expect it to leave torn up tarmac in its wake. This twin-turbo V8 is a great example of car making and each specimen will be treasured forever.


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