Age with Grace

  We ascend the steps of life, ever hoping to stay young.

The laws of nature defy our hopes, but we go marching on and on…

Gracefully we age, gracefully we cease,

This journey of life, matures yet another seed.




Here we go, us mortal beings, 

Trudging on life’s path, beating the odds, adding feathers to our ever growing cap.

And when it all ends, gracefully we fall as a leaf in the wind.


The psalm of life, whether in the morning, whether in twilight,

Gives a joy beyond all worth.

With grace we live all our life, age no bar.

Relent to your plight, not a chance.




Happily live life to the nine, 

Happiness in your deeds, happiness in your words.

Young at heart, that’s all that counts.



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14 responses to “Age with Grace

  1. tom

    These are some really meaningful lines!

  2. The Beats Guy!

    It’s been wonderful reading your site and simply just thought I would say cheers and wished I could write like that.

  3. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills. Kudos to you!

  4. These are really wonderful perceptions and I especially like…gradually we fall as a leaf in the wind; so gracefully written…

  5. Reblogged this on Bullet in a Maelstrom and commented:

    Hey guys! This is a poem I had written last year as my English assignment at school. I had posted it to my first blog TheCarManiac ( ), but it was virtually unread there. So, I decided to reblog it onto this blog, primarily due to the great response I received from you guys on ‘O Snake of Trepidity’ ( ). Thank you so much for that!
    This poem is called Age with Grace. Here goes…

  6. Pingback: Bullet in a Maelstrom

  7. Keep writing and reflecting Himanshu!
    Good luck!

  8. well frankly as long as that peter pan is not forcing his presence on me, keeping a little distance from me i dont mind, in long run of my life i have learned that people act to please them, as long as they are not hurting, irritating others it suits me fine.

    as for me, i have relished my youth to the core so aging is quite welcome to me. 🙂

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