Press the Skip Button!

What to skip. The advice of a young lunatic.

-Anything remotely related to Final Fantasy. Corollary: Anything which isn’t FIFA, Call of Duty or Need For Speed. 

-Food WITHOUT a bucketload of spices.

-Peanut butter! The world would be less atrocious without this.

-Sleeping with your glasses on.

-Any song u have listened to 273 times.

-RUNESCAPEEEEEEEE! The very mention of it brings shudders to my spine, as it has, just now!

-Non crime fiction books.

-Slow romantic movies, if  you haven’t yet noticed, they all have the same plot line. SO watch one and skip the rest unless  you are stuck on “Repeat”.

-iCloud. I never figured out its purpose. Tell me if you did.

-Power Rangers. Every kid’s super heroes are a pain in non-kid asses!

And a lot more…

I’ll come back with the rest later!

Tell me what you would skip now!



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6 responses to “Press the Skip Button!

  1. We r both frm different worlds of writing but still ur writings skill grabs my attention…though i’ve zero knowledge bout cars!

  2. I’d love to read that!

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