Volvo, the Safe Car

The car safety scene today is booming. With all major car companies coming up with new technologies to boost safety, I see it heading in the right direction. Volvo, in particular, has been a pioneer of the barrel chested, streetwise, go ready car. Such have been its advancements in the car safety field, that it has been called the Big Daddy of car safety. Everywhere, we see instances of Volvo cars, coming out of accidents, with their occupants unscathed. This has been such a recurrent feature that Volvo has definitely cemented the top spot for itself in the higher echelons of car safety. Its flagging sales in recent times have been, although, of its own making. Competition from the giants of Germany has left this Swede biting the dust. This has largely been because of the appeal that German cars garner. A subtle mix of luxury and speed along with loads of kit and its all familiar safety features can make this Swedish powerhouse go miles!


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