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Scholesy Returns to United!

Paul Scholes has rejoined the playing staff at Manchester United for the remainder of the season with immediate effect, after approaching Sir Alex Ferguson to reverse his decision, made at the end of last season, to retire. 

He went straight onto the bench for this afternoon’s FA Cup third round tie against Manchester City, which United won 3-2.

Sir Alex Ferguson said: “It’s fantastic that Paul has made this decision. It’s always sad to see great players end their careers, but especially so when they do it early. But he has kept himself in great shape and I always felt that he had another season in him. It’s terrific to have him back.”

Paul Scholes added: “I’ve been pretty clear since I stopped playing that I miss it. I’m delighted the manager feels I can still make a contribution to the team and I’m looking forward to playing my part in trying to bring more success to this great club.”



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Press the Skip Button!

What to skip. The advice of a young lunatic.

-Anything remotely related to Final Fantasy. Corollary: Anything which isn’t FIFA, Call of Duty or Need For Speed. 

-Food WITHOUT a bucketload of spices.

-Peanut butter! The world would be less atrocious without this.

-Sleeping with your glasses on.

-Any song u have listened to 273 times.

-RUNESCAPEEEEEEEE! The very mention of it brings shudders to my spine, as it has, just now!

-Non crime fiction books.

-Slow romantic movies, if  you haven’t yet noticed, they all have the same plot line. SO watch one and skip the rest unless  you are stuck on “Repeat”.

-iCloud. I never figured out its purpose. Tell me if you did.

-Power Rangers. Every kid’s super heroes are a pain in non-kid asses!

And a lot more…

I’ll come back with the rest later!

Tell me what you would skip now!


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