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Press the Skip Button!

What to skip. The advice of a young lunatic.

-Anything remotely related to Final Fantasy. Corollary: Anything which isn’t FIFA, Call of Duty or Need For Speed. 

-Food WITHOUT a bucketload of spices.

-Peanut butter! The world would be less atrocious without this.

-Sleeping with your glasses on.

-Any song u have listened to 273 times.

-RUNESCAPEEEEEEEE! The very mention of it brings shudders to my spine, as it has, just now!

-Non crime fiction books.

-Slow romantic movies, if  you haven’t yet noticed, they all have the same plot line. SO watch one and skip the rest unless  you are stuck on “Repeat”.

-iCloud. I never figured out its purpose. Tell me if you did.

-Power Rangers. Every kid’s super heroes are a pain in non-kid asses!

And a lot more…

I’ll come back with the rest later!

Tell me what you would skip now!



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The Flight of Weeks- The Garble I Write

Have you ever reflected at the week gone by and said, “Oh! That could have gone better.”? But the rat race never ends, does it? You are at the top one moment and come crashing down the next. Third time up, you’re back on top and the cycle continues, more frequently for some than for others. Hectic schedules have become a part and parcel of our lifestyle. Today, a man without a mountain load of work to do is judged lucky and not very hard working. It is true that working hard is in context of the demand of the situation, but the situation today is such that tension has become the norm of the day. A moment of respite is essential yet scarce. Toil or rub your noses in the soil, I guess that sums it up.

I don’t even know what I’ve just written, but I hope it makes sense. In the meantime, my tension eagerly awaits my arrival, so ciao!


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Age with Grace

  We ascend the steps of life, ever hoping to stay young.

The laws of nature defy our hopes, but we go marching on and on…

Gracefully we age, gracefully we cease,

This journey of life, matures yet another seed.




Here we go, us mortal beings, 

Trudging on life’s path, beating the odds, adding feathers to our ever growing cap.

And when it all ends, gracefully we fall as a leaf in the wind.


The psalm of life, whether in the morning, whether in twilight,

Gives a joy beyond all worth.

With grace we live all our life, age no bar.

Relent to your plight, not a chance.




Happily live life to the nine, 

Happiness in your deeds, happiness in your words.

Young at heart, that’s all that counts.


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And The Mouse Beats The Cat

Classic Cat- Mouse squabbles result in a Mouse knockout. Bam! KO!

However, The Age of the Mouse has begun and the tables have turned. The killswitch has been passed on to mighty Mr. Mouse. The game just got better! Bringing you the live commentary is Cat-Mouse TV.

Andy: Mr. Cat and Mr. Mouse have entered the arena. Mr. Cat arrives today on the back of a string of victories. Mr. Mouse however has a new- found vigor and promises to fight to death, making today a most historical date in Cat- Mouse history where one mighty warrior will fall.

Martin: Indeed it is a historical date we are living. The stadium is packed, everyone is on their toes, cheering or jeering the two greatest warriors in recent times. Never since 1278 A.D. when Cathotle beat Mousar to win the Millennium Crown, has so much hype been generated for one single duel.

Andy: The atmosphere is tense, the warriors are ready, the referee has entered the arena, the klaxon has sounded, and the warriors now proceed to execute the customary pre- match embrace.

Referee: Warriors, ready? (Both opponents nod in agreement)

Audience, ready? (Audience roars in agreement)

Let the duel begin!

Martin: And the match has begun. Both warriors look a little rusty as this is their first fight in a long time.

Andy: Where did that right jab from Mr. Mouse come from?! Absolute precision and it sent Mr. Cat reeling back several feet.

Martin: This match is already showing signs of a huge upset for the champion, isn’t it Andy?

Andy: The first few moments have certainly indicated that way, but we can see Mr. Cat getting to his bearings as the match wears off.

Martin: Look at that, just when we thought an upset was on the cards, Mr. Cat came back strongly with a strong right hook on Mr. Mouse’s jaw which I’m certain, has been dislocated.

Andy: Nonetheless, Mr. Mouse, although seemingly in pain, looks certain to continue.

Martin: The match is heating up, Mr. Cat is dominating now and Mr. Mouse is having a hard time dodging his blows.

Andy: Sweet Mother of God! Where on earth did that jumpkick from Mr. Mouse come from?!

Martin: Shocking! Considering his physical state at the moment, I would never have dreamed of Mr. Mouse going to such dangerous extents.

Andy: But look at the damage it has done to both the warriors.

Martin: The has impact sent them both sprawling to the ground. There seem to be no signs of either of them stirring.

Andy: This can be dangerous Martin, medical help is being called now.

Martin: Oh look! Mr. Mouse is slowly getting to his feet.

Andy: And so is Mr. Cat!

Martin: The opponents are back on their feet and slowly advancing towards each other, menacing looks on both their faces!

Andy: Look at that! Mr. Mouse just ran towards Mr. Cat and executed a perfect spear!

Martin: Mr. Mouse has Mr. Cat pinned to the ground! This could do it! This could end the hierarchy of the Cat world in the world of fighting!

Andy: But no! Mr. Cat manages to recover and gets up on the second count! The match is back on!

Martin: Mr. Mouse looks exasperated, but he gets on with it anyway.

Andy: A powerful roundpaw punch by Mr. Cat, but look at the agility shown by Mr. Mouse there. He dodges and instead pulls Mr. Cat’s tail!

Martin: Mr. Mouse is in control now! He lifts Mr. Cat off the ground with his tail as leverage and throws him powerfully towards the other end of the ring!

Andy: Mr. Mouse goes for the pin!

(The referee begins the countdown…)

The Crowd: One, two, three!

Martin: History has been made! Mr. Mouse has won the match! Mice Club has asserted its dominance over the Furry Paw Club!

Andy: Indeed a day to reckon with! But such brilliance in the win Martin! Hats off to both the warriors for valiantly fighting till the end and congratulations to Mr. Mouse!

Martin: So guys, this was it for today! See you next time with another epic fight! Its goodbye for now from me and my dear friend Andy!

Andy: Goodbye, take care everyone and have fun always!


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Of Forgetful Minds and Beings

There comes a time in our lives when all hell breaks loose. We wretched mortals are forgetful beings. Our subconscious minds rake up yet another controversy while we carry out our daily tasks. Fanciful thoughts roam freely through the orchards of our mind, reducing our work to the stature of a mere side task. It takes a second to utter a word, while it takes only a nanosecond to forget it. The burden of carrying out a hundred tasks in a hundred minutes seems a plausible explanation to our mind’s constant search for refuge from the real world, to fly into a fairytale where the self is the king. Our hands orchestrate their own tune while our legs seem to be lost in their own sweet world. What is this dilemma?

Scientists have called the subconscious mind a most dangerous yet unknown trait of ours because we can commit subconsciously what we wouldn’t dream of doing while we are still in our senses. Studies have said that humans subconsciously mimic foreign accents.

Days come and go, thoughts come and go, but the mind is the greatest retainer.

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