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I’m Back!

Alright guys, I’m back from my unimposed sabbatical and I’m fresh as an orange. Frankly, I’ve been busy with my other blog ( I’m gonna do some selfish advertising here, so here’s the link to it: Bullet in a Maelstrom ) which has been going viral over the Internet. But I’m back and the automotive industry is booming as ever. The weekly car magazine in my area talks of great progress in new designs but lately, I’ve been rather interested in the classics. Now Dubai has its fair share of classics, which are just a delight to look at. I’ve been following news about old Camaros and Stingray Corvettes and they are thriving in the market. Moreover, some rather unusual cars have also turned up, such as a 1945 Talbot and a 1960 Lancia, which are once again in perfect condition. So watch this space for automotive news and happenings, I’ll be posting more articles shortly. Until then, ciao!



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