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Concepts Gone Mad

Recently, there has been a great influx of conceptual designs of cars in varied platforms. I especially liked Adrian van Hooydonk’s ‘layered’  design for BMW. However, some of the designs coming out are preposterous, to say the least. For example, the Renault Captur looks more like a beach cabana on steroids, with a hammock in the rear. I was also not particularly impressed by the practicality of some vehicles like the VW Race Touareg and the rather spaceship-like VW XL1.

Ssangyong, the Korean manufacturer, launched the concept SUT1, which bore more than a passing resemblance of shape to the now redundant Hummer H2 SUT and in styling, its front resembles the Toyota Hilux. Moreover, this car has been powered by a 2.0 diesel powertrain, which, for a car of such large proportions is highly inadequate. I don’t think many people would fancy driving an underpowered giant!


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