Monaco Calling

The recent Monaco GP has seen the sport of Formula 1 racing go back to its roots. 5 retirements, 2 safety car periods, a red flag, and countless overtakes. The 2011 Monaco GP has truly been a race to remember, though not for all the right reasons. Regardless, the fun of the raceday is seen at no better a place than Monte Carlo, where life comes to a standstill for one weekend every year. The rich and famous of the world descend to their haven to witness the likes of Sebastian Vettel take pole position. Monaco has been an integral part of the F1 racing calender for the past 69 years. Its winding narrow stretches sneak out into the beautiful marina, flanked on both sides by pedestrians, not a metre away from the cars. Only in Monaco does the same street play a dual role, playing host to the F1 cars during the hours of the race, and opening up to regular traffic for the rest of the time. As evening descends, the picturesque cliff side city plays host to numerous to parties and yachts come to life all around. Truly, there is no better place to enjoy the roar of the F1 engines than Monte Carlo.


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