Of Forgetful Minds and Beings

There comes a time in our lives when all hell breaks loose. We wretched mortals are forgetful beings. Our subconscious minds rake up yet another controversy while we carry out our daily tasks. Fanciful thoughts roam freely through the orchards of our mind, reducing our work to the stature of a mere side task. It takes a second to utter a word, while it takes only a nanosecond to forget it. The burden of carrying out a hundred tasks in a hundred minutes seems a plausible explanation to our mind’s constant search for refuge from the real world, to fly into a fairytale where the self is the king. Our hands orchestrate their own tune while our legs seem to be lost in their own sweet world. What is this dilemma?

Scientists have called the subconscious mind a most dangerous yet unknown trait of ours because we can commit subconsciously what we wouldn’t dream of doing while we are still in our senses. Studies have said that humans subconsciously mimic foreign accents.

Days come and go, thoughts come and go, but the mind is the greatest retainer.


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